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Common Questions
What is psychotherapy?

Given the diversity in modalities used in psychotherapy it is difficult to synthasize the definition down to a simple idea, however, it is safe to say that psychotherapy is a relational process, between a therapist and client, that consciously and unconsciously addresses psychological issues with the use of communication both verbal and non verbal.

How do I choose a psychotherapist?

There is no simple answer to this question. There are many types of therapists with varying modalities –
that is styles and methodologies pertaining to how the therapist views and addresses issues. In my mind, the most important piece of any successful therapeutic alliance is the relationship, in other words, how the client feels in the room with the therapist. It is my suggestion that as a client, you meet, or speak, with a few therapists before deciding whom to work with. I don’t believe that gender, ethnicity or age, have anything to do with the equation.

How long does psychotherapy take?

 People start the psychotherapeutic process for many reasons, which will ultimately dictates the length of treatment. I find that as one starts the journey, it is not uncommon to realize that things are related/connected. Often we will look at the past and present, which can open areas that have been closed off for some time. This may cause some emotional hardship, and ultimately you may feel worse before feeling better. In terms of specific length of time, it is difficult to say. My advice is to stay open to the process and know that you are growing and stretching, even when things may appear to be staying the same. Being present in the process is key.

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