Therapy By Nicole
Helping you to help yourself.
You are now in the beginning of the psychotherapy process. Making the decision to start psychotherapy helps you feel empowered and on a positive road to growth and well-being.

Psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery where you can learn why you do what you do, in addition to changing behaviors that may have served you before but that no longer work. Many are not even aware of the importance of actuating their authentic/true self and often conform to the expectations and idealized views of others.

The result often being a “you” that is not true but that belongs to what others think you should be. Psychotherapy can assist you in becoming acquainted anew with your true self.

As a psychoanalytic therapist, I will work to help you understand who you are and what true character potential lies ahead. This is a lifetime process of growth and self-discovery. The use of psychodynamic sensibilities combined with the therapeutic relationship will hasten you towards the process of being whole and at peace with yourself. We will work in tandem to achieve tomorrow’s goals, while safely and respectively dealing with current issues.

I look forward to starting a conversation with you. Please call or e-mail me today and we will begin the next stage of your personal evolution.
Therapy By Nicole
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